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I have been photographing weddings for almost 35 years and in that time, I have photographed approximately 1200 weddings. I pride myself on the level of service provide to each of Brides I photograph and I am willing to share with you my experience to make your big day go smoother.

Brady Imaging offers wedding photographed both on film and digitally. Should you have your wedding photographed on film or digitally? That is a serious question. Brady Imaging can photograph your using the media your choice. There are valid reasons the use for both formats. There is a discussion of the pros and cons of each media at Film v Digital.

Al wedding packages are full coverage from preceremony to ceremony to reception. The exact number of photographs to be taken at your wedding will vary with the size of the wedding party, the number of family members in attendance, and the number of photo opportunities provided at the reception.  Most weddings where there is dancing and traditional reception activities, such as throwing of the garter and bouquet, will have approximately 150 to 175 previews (even more with digital photography) from which to choose.

I would happy to meet with you at your home or office to discuss your wedding and show you samples of my work. When your big day is over, other than your love, only the photographs is left. Having an experienced professional photographer at your wedding means there is one less thing that you have to worry about.


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