Film v. Digital Wedding Photography


Until recently, I believed that film as a mature technology was the better media for wedding photography.  But, the latest generation of digital cameras have made great strides in the quality of digital images. 

I now believe that digital images have an advantage for wedding photography.

Image Capture


With film, it is not possible to verify the accuracy of the capture until the negatives and previews are returned by the photo lab.

    Digital Images

With digital images it is possible to verify the accuracy of the capture of the image in real time.

I believe that digital images should be taken in RAW format and processed to a JPG before presenting the image to you. 

RAW format provide greater exposure latitude than JPG or TIF formats.  Because weddings are often taken under a mixture of light of various colors.  RAW images can be easily corrected to the proper color balance. 

Additionally, the decision as to what data is to be kept or discarded, is done by an imaging professional not the camera's image processor.

 Delivery of Previews


There is a ten day to two week delay in the presentation of previews from film while the film is processed by a professional color lab.

Digital Images

Digital images can be available for viewing in one or two days.  They can be made available for online viewing so that out of town family and friends can view your images.

Image Processing


I have always had each negative video analyzed to produce optimum image.

Digital Images

Each digital image is separately processed from a RAW image to a JPG by an imaging professional.

It is easy to make minor corrections to images that with film would have just been accepted as part of the image.  Simple things like perspective correction can be made to a digital image but would be impossible with a film image. 

It is a easier to retouch a digital images with Photoshop where negative and print retouching is a difficult and time consuming task.

Display of Your Photographs

Digital imaging has given rise to a number of creative ways to display wedding photographs.  Maybe the most seductive of these is to have your wedding photographs offset printed in a book.  While I can have your images published in a book, I do not think that image quality of offset printed images as good as photographic prints.

One of the real strengths of digital images is that a page of photographs isn't limit by preset print sizes and album pages produced by album manufactures.  I believe that a hybrid album provides the best of both worlds.  Images are laid out s a 11 inch square photograph and sent to a commercial photo lab to be printed and then placed a fine leather album.

I do think that you as the customer are the one that are the one who really gets to choose how your album will look. 





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