Portraits are more than just a photographs of a person. A family portrait is a record of love, happiness, togetherness, and pride of the family. Taken every few years, it provides the memories of how the family looked, and a record of the children’s growth.

Portraits are a unique gift that will be cherished year after year. They are something that only you can give.

Portraits can also become part of the decor of your home or office. What is more personal than to surround yourself with images of your loved ones.

After many years of experimentation, Brady Imaging is now offering a truly unique option for your portrait - the look of an impressionist painter.  Have your portrait painted in the style of the great artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  

When a family member leaves home for college, the service, or a job out of the area, a portrait allows us to keep out family members close.

Our Special Gift Portrait for a special photograph for that very special person in your life. 

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