Images of the Sequoia National Forest

Artist's Statement

I have been hunting, fishing and camping in the mountains surrounding Lake Isabella and Kernville for forty years. 

Like all photographers, my ideas about landscape photography were affected by works of Ansel Adams.  I have made several trips to Yosemite in an attempt to emulate the works of Adams.

I have come to realize that the area surround Lake Isabella may not have the awesome vistas as Yosemite, but I can spend the next several years photographing the area and try to show the area in a way do it justice.

In addition to still images, I want to present panoramic views up to 360 views.  The experimental images shown here were taken in September 2009 at the height of the drought.  It has been a very dry year and the river and streams are almost empty running empty.  With the 2010 season, hopefully after a wet winter and heavy snow pack, I will be able to return and rephotograph the area in its full glory.

There are many areas such as the Giant Sequoia National Monument, the Chimney Peaks Recreation Area, Sherman Pass, Kennedy Meadows, and the gold mining area around Claraville in the Piute Mountains.

This is going to be an ongoing project and you are invited to check back often to see what has been added and updated.

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