For many years, Brady Imaging has offered a line of  Special Gift Portraits that were are designed to give and share with that very special person in your life.

Traditional these were portraits done as glamour type  portraits or flirty pinup type images.  Brady Imaging still offers Glamour Portraits.

In addition, Brady Imaging has started to offer a line of truly unique images in as Fine Art and Fantasy Images in the tradition of a piece of fine art or fantasy drawing.

These images are truly a something for that special person that only you can give!

When a loved one leaves college, the service, or a job out of the area, a Special Gift Portraits allows that person to keep you in mind.

As a former member of the military, while we have troops deployed and in harms way, Brady Imaging will give a 50% discount on all Special Gift Portraits to all military being deployed, dependent of deployed member of the military, or for a gift to a deployed or soon to be deployed service member.  Feel free to call us for more details at (949) 842-1236 or e-mail us at

Some of the sample photographs shown as Glamour Portraits and Fine Art & Fantasy Images contain images of nude and semi-nude woman.  If you are offended by nudity, please don't proceed to those pages.

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