Portfolios for the Model, Actor


For all models, actors and actresses, their portfolio is important to their career.  Your portfolio is the vehicle that presents you to the person who will potentially offer you a job.

Portfolios should be tailored to the type of work you are seeking.  A portfolio for a model will be different from the portfolio of an actor or actress.

A model seeking work as a print model, would have a different portfolio than a model seeking work as a runway model. 

The portfolio should show:  the model's ability to change looks, to show the clothing or product at its best, and the best features of the model.

Actors and actresses should likewise tailor their portfolios to type of acting they plan on doing.  They need to be able to show their personality and versatility along with the ability to show emotion with their face.  Any special character or makeup should also be included.

In this multi-media you can even have a portfolio on CS that would photographs, printable head cards, and even steaming video clips. Brady Photography will work with you to develop a portfolio that is perfect for you.



Sample Portfolios:




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