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Brady Imaging has partnered California Image Maker to provide Virtual Tours, PhotoShow Video Tours and other tools to assist in online marketing of your listings.

Brady Imaging has always tried to make available to the you the professional Real Estate agent the most effective may to market your listings in the most cost effective way.  We are excited by additional tools now available to you through California Image Maker and Image Maker 360.

California Image Maker offers a complete Visual Marketing System to allow you market your listings.  Image Maker can place your Virtual Tour or PhotoShow Video Tours on the greatest number of internet sites to maximize the exposure of your property to widest possible number of potential clients.

The Image Maker PhotoShow Video Tours blends full motion camera movements applied to high-quality images to create an impressive streaming video segment.

     Standard Photo Show Video Tours
     8 Professional Still Images $119.95

     Premium Photo Show Video Tours
     16 Professional Still Images $169.95

       Sample PhotoShow Video Tour

      Sample PhotoShow Video Tour

California Image Maker also offers traditional Virtual Tours combining panoramic images with still images.  Panoramic images can be of any duration that best shows the property up to a full 360 degrees.

     Standard Panoramic Virtual Tour
     5 Panoramic Scenes $119.95
     5 Professional Still Images

     Premium Panoramic Virtual Tour
     5 Panoramic Scenes $159.95
     10 Professional Still Images

Brady Imaging provides Panoramic Scenes using sophisticated capture technology to provide superior panoramic scenes.  The complete capture package was developed by Kodak, a leader in imaging for over 100 years.  A full 360 degrees panoramic scene consists of 12 photographs; each photograph is individually exposed with supplemental lighting.  The photographs are then stitches into a single continuous image.

       Sample Virtual Tour

       Sample Virtual Tour

      Additional Sample Panoramic Virtual Tours are included  in the sample e-Fliers.

(NOTE:  Sample Virtual Tours were photographed for a virtual tour company that is no longer in business.  Brady Imaging is using the same camera system to provide Virtual Tours for Image Maker 360 and California Image Maker.)

Additional Panoramic Scenes and Still Images are available at a nominal additional cost.


Order Form for PhotoShow Video Tour               Order Form for Panoramic Virtual Tour


Brady Imaging can also supply images for do-it-yourself panoramic tours.

Brady Imaging is making every effort to help you Maximize Your Marketing Dollar - special offers can be found at the linked page.


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