Maximize Your Marketing Dollars!

Have both high Resolution Photograph and a Virtual Tour or PhotoShow photographed at the same time and save!

When Brady Imaging provides both photography of a property and a Virtual Tour or PhotoShow Video Tour ordered through Brady Imaging, you will be an overall savings when compared to purchasing these services separately.

Standard Photo Show              Price          Savings
8 Professional Still Images          $75.00       $44.95

Premium Photo Show
16 Professional Still Images      $105.00        $54.95

Standard Virtual Tour
5 Panoramic Scenes                   $100.00        $19.95
5 Professional Still Images

Premium Virtual Tour
5 Panoramic Scenes                    $120.00       $39.95
10 Professional Still Images

Additional Panoramic Scenes and Still Images are available at a reduced additional cost.

Additionally, the still images used in your Virtual Tour or PhotoShow Video Tour will first receive the extensive postproduction enhancement that you have come to expect from Brady Imaging.

All image management, uploading and transitions will be done by Brady Imaging.  Normally, images take for a flyer are suitable for use as still photographs in Virtual Tour or a PhotoShow Video Tour but that is not always the case.  When ordering all of your photography as a single package, the important features of the home will be captured in a way to ensure that they will display well in either media.

At Brady Imaging, our goal is to help you sell houses.


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