Design & Graphic Arts Support

Brady Imaging can provide design and graphic arts services for flyers,
booklets and brochures.  From $35.00

Flyers and brochures are designed to meet to clients specifications.

Description of the property can be narrative or a bullet list at the discursion of the agent.  It is recommended that the most interesting image be used as the largest image and adequate white space be include on the flyer. 

Flyers can be 1, 2 or 4 sided 8x11 pages.  They are delivered in Adobe PDF format and can be printed on almost any computer printer combination or sent to printer capable of handling electronic files.


Sample Flyers

      13 Elk Grove

      54 San Simeon

      490 Garcia

      31981 Coast Hwy


Printing of Flyers


Flyers can be printed on a variety of high quality paper or card stock using color laser printers.  Cost of printing varies with the stock selected.

Single sided flyers from 33 per flyer.

Two sided flyers from 59 per flyer.

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