Fine Art and Fantasy Images lets you be part of the creation of a truly unique image that combine photography with the manipulation and combination of images using Photoshop and other software applications.

The process begins by discussing the desired with you the sitter/subject of the image and determine what the final image to be created will be.  You might want to be a fairy on a follower or a blade of grass.  You might want a series of simple figure studies or abstract images.  Maybe you would like to have your photographed rendered as a painting, water or colored pencil.  Photographs can be combined in a cartoon/drawn background.

After the basic photography is done, you will select the image to be modified.  Before the final print is made, you will be provided an opportunity to make adjustment to the image.

Some of the Fine Art and Fantasy Images have been selected for display at art galleries.  Fine Art and Fantasy Images are really designed to be made as larger prints and displayed.

When making any portrait, the sitter being relaxed and at ease is the most important thing for a successful image.  You can be as daring or conservative as you want when making your Glamour Portraits as you feel comfortable with. 

You love your Fine Art and Fantasy Images.

                                              Sample Images

Your privacy is important to us at Brady Imaging.  No one will have access to your images unless you give specific permission.  All the woman in the sample images provided a model release knowing that there image could be used for advertising.

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